TroopRoom Features

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  • Multiple calendar views
  • Filtering by dates, entry types
  • Group record keeping
  • Maps, Online Attendance, Checklists
  • Feed to automatically synch your calendar

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Member lists

  • Filtering
  • Selectable columns
  • Photos
  • Views for Family, MB Counselors, Adult Leaders, Scout Leaders, Patrols, Role Administration, Preferences, Unit members on a Map ...

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Scout Records

  • Group/Individual records
  • Partials and Completes
  • Merit Badges, Belt Loops, Rank Advancements, Venturing Awards, Training ... everything's covered
  • Group and Individual partials can be updated, and are kept forever
  • Scoutnet Uploads/Downloads

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  • Charts
  • Reports
  • Filterable lists
  • Resortable columns
  • Export to spreadsheet/pdf
  • Charts across all SR units
  • Over 60 reports so far

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Public and Private Web Pages

  • Hierarchy of public pages
    • Public pages found by Google
    • Map to your unit
  • Private Wiki
    • Easy to create pages
    • Linkable, hierarchical
    • Much easier to view and navigate than documents

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Group Communication

  • Automatic email notice for all awards
  • Send email to:
    • All members
    • Filtered member list
    • Event attendees
    • News Feed
    • PLC, patrol, Committee ...
    • More

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Files and Photos

  • Photo albums with slideshows
  • Hierearchical file directory
  • Cloud storage for both

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Products and Fees

  • Sell products and pay fees online
  • Reports for Treasurer and Quartermaster
  • Receipts, Records for customers
  • eMail notifications
  • Annual Registration

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Modern Software

  • Support for Packs/Troops/Crews
  • Web Access for all
  • Drag and Drop, Filters, Update in Place, Effects
  • 12 roles control update access
  • Use Facebook et al to login
  • Reliable and Secure - SSL, Encryption, Nightly Backup
  • Frequent Feature Updates
  • $49/year or $2/year/scout, whichever is less

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